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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Have the police been hacking mobile phone voicemail as well?


The News of the World phone hacking scandal currently raging is probably just the tip of the iceberg. Calling it hacking is a bit of a misnomer as getting access to an unsecured mobile voicemail service is very, very easy and anyone can do it.

One private detective working for one newspaper has been fingered for hacking voicemail so far but without doubt other private investigators, journalists, council workers, civil servants, police officers, bailiffs, basically anyone who gathers information on individuals will have been tempted to use or will have used this easy but illegal shortcut.

Polybore has a theory that the reason the Metropolitan Police showed so little interest in this initially, apart from the fact reported by Rebekah Brooks when editor of The Sun that some of their officers are in the employ of journalists which is embarrassing enough, is that the Met knows that it is very possible that some of their officers have been hacking phones as well.