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Monday, August 8, 2011

Double headed Venus fly trap.

Have been growing Venus Fly traps for a number of years. Never having seen this happen before it was a surprise to find that this plant had produced two "mouths" on the same stem.


  1. Woopra broke ya blog!

  2. Fascinating plants. Is that very unusual?

    1. Not sure. On first noticing it seem to remember doing a google search on it without turning up anything. Having grown them for a number of years now this is the first time it has happened. Think they had a bad check due to cold which might have caused it.

  3. Hey, im from Brazil and one of my venus fly trap leaf has 2 traps too. I wish i could make all leafs have 2 traps, but i don't know if it's possible. Like, i was going to try propagate this leaf by "leaf pulling" but my plant is too young, might not work...