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Monday, January 31, 2011

Internet and MMS (picture messaging) settings for unlocked San Francisco on UK Vodafone Pay as You Go. (PAYG)


So you have your fantastic Orange San Franciso phone, you have unlocked it but you are having trouble finding the vodafone settings for it or, like polybore, you got the internet set up ok but the San Francisco can not send picture messages (MMS). Well here are the MMS and internet settings you need and confirmed working on polybore’s phone. Thanks to Paul Oates for the illusive MMS settings.

Maybe you would like to listen to this classic and appropriate tune as you set up your phone.

To get your internet and picture messaging on the go you need to set up two Access Point Names for your phone.

First APN. Internet.

Settings/ Wireless and Networks/ Mobile Networks/ Access Point Names

Menu/ New APN

Name: Vodafone Internet


User name: web

Password: web

APN Type: default

Menu/ Save

Second APN. MMS

Name Vodafone MMS
Port 8799
Username wap
Password wap
Server not set (ie do not enter anything)
MMS proxy
MMS port 8799
MCC 234
MNC 15
Authentication type none (ie do not enter anything)
APN Type: mms

Menu/ Save

When you are done you should have two APNs listed Vodafone internet (make sure the button next to it is green) and Vodafone MMS (this one should not have a button next to it.

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  1. Excellent got connected to the Internet straight away. Thank you so much:-)