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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Freeloading hypocrite Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan loves BBC iPlayer but won’t pay for it

Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan, while answering a question on this weekends edition of BBC Radio 4’s “Any Questions”, said

“…I’ve now stopped paying my licence fee because I have discarded my television and I watch television on the internet instead…”

To be exempt from having a TV Licence while still accessing television over the internet you can only use on demand services such as the BBC iPlayer. If you are accessing live TV broadcasts you must have a licence.

So unless Hannan only watches television provided on demand by ITV and C4 then it is most likely most of the TV he watches is produced by the BBC and delivered by the BBC iPlayer.

Hannan’s constant winging about the BBC while he happily avails himself  of the BBC’s content without paying for it smacks of hypocrisy.