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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Does “David Cameron” Spell the End of the Conservative Party?


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Many Conservatives have been, lets say surprised, at the direction that their party, in coalition government, seems to be heading.

But perhaps they should not be surprised. David Cameron has never been very popular with Conservative stalwarts such as Margaret Thatcher or Norman Tebbit and the reason for this is that David Cameron is a centrist.

Now you could say that David Cameron needed to move the Conservative Party to the centre of British politics in order to take the party into Government. However Conservatives are now waking up to the fact that David Cameron has done a great job of anchoring the Conservatives firmly in the centre, possibly forever.

With the 1922 Committee emasculated, over a 100 starry eyed, star struck new Tory MP’s and 50 odd Liberal Democrats at his disposal David Cameron holds the whip hand over the right of his Parliamentary party.

How will Conservative activists in the Conservative heartlands react should very few, if any, of the policies that they hold most dear actually come to fruition?

The thing is David Cameron does not care about the Conservative core vote and he is taking the Conservative Party away from them. It remains to be seen if the Conservative Party can survive this process.

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