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Sunday, February 21, 2010

National Bullying Helpline is as good as fake.


The National Bullying Helpline came to polybore’s attention when the head of the organisation,  Christine Pratt, claimed that she had been contacted by several members of Gordon Brown’s staff.

This comes on the back of  anonymous allegations made in a book by Andrew Rawnsley which is currently being serialised in the Observer Newspaper.

Ok lets have a closer look at the impressively named “National Bullying Helpline “ Charity Number 1117852 and see what information the Charity Commission have them.

Click here to see Charity Comission information via (

There are a couple of  stand out pieces of information provided by the Charity Commission..

Documents Overdue. National Bullying Helpline accounts are (as of writing) 206 days overdue for annual return 2008.

In the year that the charity was founded (2007) it’s income was a mere £1818 and it’s spending £852.

This is not a busy national charity. Not by a long stretch which probably explains why polybore has never heard of it.

Christine Pratt said in an interview with the BBC that

“over the last three or four years" the helpline had "probably received three or four calls".

Judging by the financial activity of The National Bullying Helpline that is probably true. They have probably had three or four calls, period. It is highly unlikely that the three calls or four that  they may have had in the four years of the “charity’s” existence were all from members of the Prime Ministers staff.

Let’s have a look at the website for the organisation.

For an organisation that claims to be “non-political” it is surprising to find a by David Cameron prominently displayed at the top of its home page.

DAVID CAMERON MP: "Stamping out bullying in the workplace and elsewhere is a vital objective. Not only can bullying make people's lives a misery, but it harms business and wider society too. So I congratulate the National Bullying Helpline for its efforts to give practical support to those being bullied, and to make bullying a thing of the past".

The website also states.

We never share your details with anyone else. All correspondence is confidential.

Which is almost funny.

In conclusion.

If polybore were cynical they might think that Christine Pratt of the National Bullying Helpline has seen an opportunity to significantly raise the profile of an otherwise insignificant Charity. A Charity which, interestingly, closely mirrors the business activity of her husband, David Pratt.

Because of the fact that political figures associated with this charity seem to be all Conservatives, then perhaps, one might think that this organisation is not as “non-political” as Christine Pratt claims. Not to mention the prominence David Cameron gets on the web site home page.

Lastly. If you are a particularly Machiavellian in your thinking one might wonder if there was any significance in the “coincidence” of this “national” charity being founded in 2007. 2007 being the year that Gordon Brown became Prime Minister. and when claims of his alleged "bullying” and “Stalinist” behaviour first surfaced.


  1. This organisation appears to have a tory background. and therefore should be discredited and ignored for what it is. It is trying to score political points before the election.

  2. The NBH also operate from an address next door to the Conservative Association in Swindon. Just a co-incidence?

  3. tells another part of the tale

  4. One wonders if the BBC does any research at all maybe it's easier to run with the pack.

  5. I think that we are left with two conclusions:-
    It was either
    a) A commercial scam
    b) A political scam
    If it was a commercial scam the Conservatives are incompetant.

    If it is b then the we are seeing a party abuse vulnerable people to spin to win an election.

    Surely not (b)