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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Google Chrome Tool Bar has disappeared, gone missing. Wrench, refresh, back button icons. Fix.

A curious thing happened a couple of days ago. Opened Chrome and was surprised to see that a number of the buttons were missing from the toolbar. Just a big white blank were they used to be.

On further investigation, clicking around roughly where they used to be it turned out that the buttons were still there and functioning but invisible.

If you have the same problem then the way polybore fixed it should work for you.

You need to click  on where the wrench icon used to be ie at the same level as the address bar at the far right. Might take a couple of goes but you will hit it eventually.

Then from the drop down menu click options and finally under themes click set default theme and chrome should be back to normal. You can then reinstall your preferred theme if you were using one other than the default.

Not entirely sure what caused this. Polybore was running the theme “Late Night” which had not exhibited any problems before.

One possibility is that the theme was broken when Google Chrome updated to the latest version (around 25th of January). This happened around the time that the theme broke although polybore cannot be certain as Chrome seems to have silently updated itself.

Lending weight to polybore’s idea that the update broke the theme is the fact that one new feature added during the update was the addition of extensions, which can be bolted onto Chrome, and crucially have an icon next to the address bar.

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  1. Thank you soooooooooooooo much for this. I had the same problem, tool bar gone, one second it was there , then it wasnt, and have been looking everywhere to try to get an answer on how to fix it. I checked google chrome help pages, but if help was there I missed it. I love chrome and wanted to carry on using it, explorer is simply toooooooo lazy, I dreaded going back to it, so i followed your instructions and hey presto, everything is back, you are a genius. xxxx

  2. The only drop down menu that appears after many clicks in the area where the wrench icon should be, does not have "options" as a choice. The only choices are: reload, save as, print, view page source, view page information, and inspect element. Hope you can HELP!

  3. Try left clicking insted of right.