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Friday, February 5, 2010

Catherine Tate Sex Robot. Modelled on or coincidental look alike?

Catherine Tate Sex Robot Catherine Tate                                  Sex Robot
Noticed a news item today about an inventor called Douglas Hines who has created a $7000 sex robot which he proudly unveiled at Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada last month.
Polybore was immediately struck by how much the sex robot looks like British actor and comedian Catherine Tate. So much so they started to wonder if Douglas Hines is a fan of British TV, Dr Who in particular.
The sex robot’s bottom lip is very reminiscent of Catherine Tate’s most famous character Lauren Cooper. Wonder if she is "bovvered".
Can you find an image of Catherine Tate that looks even more like the sex robot?


  1. I saw this today too and cracked up. It's all over the internet right now about the Donna Noble sexbot. Well, he's aware of who his core customer might be: desperate, lonely Doctor Who loving men. I would love for Catherine Tate to make a public comment about it. She's hysterical.

  2. or maybe it's not a coincidence. Maybe they were both created from the same mold.

  3. Wow she is looking very sexy and hot.