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Thursday, September 24, 2009

How to stop flash, iplayer, YouTube from exiting full screen on mouse click when using dual monitors.

Polybore pieced together this solution from a number of existing sources which each on their own did not supply all the information. Polybore has amalgamated the information into an easy 4 step process which you can skip to at the end of the post (Method). For all the information read on.

Piecing together the information. 

Polybore’s dual monitor set up is a monitor and a TV connected to their home theatre PC. One niggle that has been bothering polybore for months is that when streaming flash media (like the BBC iplayer) in full screen mode on the TV any click activity on the monitor and the flash media on the TV would exit full screen.

After periodically searching for a fix for this polybore has finally found a solution at least for Chrome and Firefox.

Credit where credit is due and thanks to orlandmedia for setting polybore in the right track.

Orlandmedia links to the fix over at

From there you can download a file called containing NPSWF32.dll which is a modified flash plugin (version Now we are making progress but the post does not include instructions on how to install this modified plugin. An anonymous comment on the post mentioned a YouTube video with a fix so polybore searched YouTube and found this video by dbosst


The video details how to modify the flash plugin yourself with a hex editor but we don’t need to do this because we already have the modified flash plugin that we downloaded earlier from All we need to know now is where to put the modified NPSWF32.dll and now we do thanks to this video. It goes in c:\windows\system32\macromed\flash\npswf32.dll


Having downloaded the modified flash plugin from

1- navigate to the folder c:\windows\system32\macromed\flash\

2- rename the existing npswf32.dll to npswf32old.dll (you don’t need to do this but it is good practise in case you want to revert to the original plugin).

3- copy the new modified file that was downloaded from to the folder c:\windows\system32\macromed\flash\

4- Close all browsers and restart them.

Having tested it this works a treat with Firefox and Chrome. It does not work with IE8 and polybore was unable to test with opera (but it should work if you use the alternative folder detailed in the video).

Now we can watch the BBC iplayer, YouTube or any flash streaming media on the TV while at the same time using the monitor for other stuff without interrupting the video.

Blogger nav bar search not working.


Edit: Checked today and search from the nav bar is working again 1st October 2009

While looking for an old post noticed that the blogger nav bar search is not working properly. It will sometimes find search terms that are in the title of a post but not search terms in the body of a post.

It turns out that this is a problem effecting many blogger users and has been so for about a month.

Google are aware of the problem. There is a link from the link above where you can fill in a form with details of your site if you are effected. Hopefully the more that fill in the form the quicker google will get it fixed.

It seems that the problem is also with the google search gadget that you can add in Blogger layout so if you are using this it would be worth checking that it works.

Polybore has worked around the problem (to an extent) by using adsense to create a custom search limited to (You can see this above the post section). It does the job albeit in a rather clunky fashion.

Having said that it does the job, the results are far from ideal. Search results for older posts seem to be getting lumped in together. Bit worried that this is some sort of blogger related archiving problem. (will investigate).

Am considering removing the navbar to prevent confusion but am hesitant to do so because not sure if this would be a breach of blogger TOS.