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Saturday, August 29, 2009

The world’s worst map.

Fiscally challenged and media incompetent. California seems to have well and truly hit skid row.

Ok, so having an ebay/ craigslist garage sale in order to claw back a 16 billion budget deficit could be said to, at least, kind of show that you are trying all you can to break even. Thinking out of the box and all that. Not many states have a governor who can add a few dollars value to some junk just by signing it.

But what does having a badly scanned image of a map, annotated in crayon, on your State’s official government website tell us?…



What impression does that give the World of the current situation of the State of California? Don’t they even have someone vaguely proficient in MS paint and with, say, 5 mins to spare anymore? Or maybe, just maybe, those that are left, just don’t care anymore.