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Monday, June 1, 2009

Polybore plus Moby= fantastic video for blogcatalog members and NOW also Twitter users.

Major recording artist Moby has given explicit permission for polybore to use one of his tracks in the next edition of the I’Avatar video. Polybore has made a few editions of I’Avatar which is made up of blogcatalog members avatars, their user name and the URL of their blog all set to a cool sound track and…


The latest version in best quality over at animoto watch here.

Or on YouTube here is a previous edition of I’Avatar.


The resulting video will be made available on YouTube and will not only be featured on polybore’s channel and at but also on Moby’s own YouTube channel! Excellent exposure potential for those who participate.

The plan is to make two videos a new edition of I’Avatar for blogcatalog members and also a brand new video called I’Twitter for twitter users.

Want to be in the video?

Participating is easy just use the form bellow.

Please submit images that are at least 500 by 375 pixels but less than 3MB. Images that are too small don’t work well in the video because they become blurred image files greater than 3MB will fail to upload.

Twitter users just enter your twitter user name, email and twitter URL e.g. “”. Then use the file button to upload your twitter image (avatar).

Blogcatalog members your BC user name, email, and blog url. Then use the file button to upload your BC image (avatar). BC members please note if you were in the latest version of I’Avatar there is no need to re- submit your avatar unless you want to update it.

Your email address is required for confirmation purposes only and will not be used for spam or any other unpleasant purpose.





The closing date for inclusion in I’Avatar or I’Twitter is Monday the 8th of June 2009. If the countdown has ended sorry you are to late (but their will be future editions).

First come first served as there is only room for a limited number of images in the video, if the video is full before the deadline then entry for this video will have to close.

You have…


Stay tuned to polybore on twitter or by RSS at the blog for notification of the videos progress.


If you want more details feel free to contact polybore.