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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Polybore goes to Hollywood


Tonight (28th of May 2009) polybore virtually goes to Hollywood. Or West Hollywood to be exact to the Pacific Design Centre.

Unfortunately polybore will not be their in person but the video they created will be as it is being screened at the VIP theatrical premier of Steve Coogan and Hilary Duff’s new film “What Goes Up”.  A sizable chunk of the video was …


If, like polybore, you are not actually going to be at the premier you can still watch the video here.



Although to see the video at it’s best check it out at YouTube, hit the HD button, turn your speakers up and go for full screen. This was polybore’s first experiment with using YouTube High Definition and was pleased with the results.

To see details of the BlogCatalog competition polybore won to get their video screened, an early non HD draft version of the video and details of the software used you can see how the story unfolded and the video evolved in these previous posts.

Just getting started first draft.

The competition entry post and second draft.