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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Six random facts about polybore


1. Polybore has a tendency to be very patronising.

2. Polybore (it is claimed) Googles everything anyone tells polybore to check it is true.

3. The polybore feet, on a good day, smell like a dead cat floating in a pit of sewage.

4. The offline polybore annoys people by constantly adding “oid” to the end of words not normally associated with this ending. e.g. “pass the mug-oid”, “where is the remote control- oid?” “was that an asteroid- oid?” Also with peoples names tend to add ”-bot” e.g. “Mum- bot”, “Omar- bot”, “Obama- bot”

5. The online polybore annoys people by constantly writing in the third person.

6. Polybore is a terrible food snob. Polybore cooks everything from scratch. NO ready meals.

Sunday, March 29, 2009 Avoid at all costs. Benefits Helpline Disclaimer in plain text.

Polybore is furious. After reading Kevin Nuttall’s blog,56,BA.html where he mentions to avoid Benefits Helpline polybore went and had a look at the site. It is not difficult to find the site in question because they have clearly paid Google a lot of money to be listed prominently.

This sites provides so called benefits advice via a premium rate hotline at £1.50 per minute. For a start that is disgraceful because this advice is available for free from charities, local authorities etc.

If you fill in the site’s contact form they will text you at a cost of £1.50 without warning

The site’s disclaimer informing of the premium rate phone charges and advice to go to official government sites to get real advice has been added to the site as an image, this effectively conceals this vital information from screen readers used by the blind and those with visual impairments. Utterly disgraceful.

Polybore will repeat the Benefits Helpline disclaimer here in plain text.

“Benefits Helpline is in no way affiliated with any Government Department/ services. This service will require you to call a premium rate number at a cost of £1.50 per minute. You must have permission from the bill payer. All callers must be 18 year old or over. The information and advice provided in this service is to the best of our knowledge. We advise you contact the benefits office for concise information relating to benefits. Service Provider: StealthNET Ltd, PO box 202, Gt Yarmouth, NR31 7ZS.”

Google does itself no favours by accepting money from sketchy outfits like Benefits Helpline because the moral of this story is if a site ranks first in a Google search then you should distrust the site immediately.

Except polybore’s blog of course, polybore has not paid Google a dime.