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Saturday, February 14, 2009

The day the Muzak died.

Muzak has gone bankrupt

Now if this had happened a year ago Polybore would probably have been full of glee that the purveyors of soulless music had gone under. In the current economic circumstances, however,  glee at people losing their jobs is not appropriate.

Is this the end of inoffensive back ground music? Probably not, no doubt, the denizens of music hell are readying themselves to step into the vacuum.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

World's largest Horse's Ass

200ft high horse

Kent, England is to build a huge white horse statue. Don't ask me why, maybe they swallowed a fly. It is already being compared to the "Angel of the North".

Angel of the North

Polybore can't see any comparison. One is an interesting sculpture and the other will be a giant horse's arse (ass). Well at least at one end. Maybe the largest horses ass in the world once it is built. Wonder which direction the ass will point? Towards France probably.

If it is a stallion then it won't just be the worlds biggest horse's ass either. Disgusting.

So what next? A huge sheep in Wales or maybe a massive haggis somewhere in Scotland.