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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How to get the best out of internet radio, spotify, BBC iPlayer, VLC, WinAmp and Windows Media Player.

Wireless headphones

Internet radio is great as is having your music stored on your computer. However there is one snag, you are pretty much tied to the location of your computer.

If you are someone who likes listening to the radio or music while you are doing things round the house you may use an mp3 player or the good old FM radio. Of course the MP3 player is no good for streamed content like that provided by spotify and the FM radio can’t do on demand radio as provided by the BBC iPlayer.

Having experimented with using laptops and wireless internet radio polybore has come to the conclusion that a pair of wireless headphones is the easiest and best solution.

Polybore has a pair of Philips SBCHC8440 wireless stereo headphones the base station of which simply plugs into the headphone jack of the computer and that is it you are good to go. The range is impressive in practise with the headphones getting good reception throughout the polybore house and to an extent also the garden. The manufacturers stated maximum is 100 meters but of course this is affected by walls and interference.

Compared to using your home wired or wireless lan to stream music round your house this solution is so straight forward to do and cheap it is well worth considering.

Interestingly the headphones work on FM band. This does give rise the thought of copying the principle of FM wireless headphones but instead using a FM transmitter that works on a wavelength that standard FM radios can pick up. Devices which wirelessly connecting your ipod or equivalent to your car stereo already exist e.g. the iTrip The thought of creating your own home radio station transmitting the varied media of your PC is an attractive one although you would have to be careful you did not break any local laws. Could be a good, simple and cheap whole house music solution.


  1. I have a pair of wireless headphones and a single large, wireless speaker. The speaker is Philips & the transmitter&headphones Technics, but they work perfectly well together.

    Project: make your own wireless speakers by cannibalising an old pair of wireless headphones and a pair of computer speakers.

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