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Sunday, May 10, 2009

What Goes Up Promotional Video posted to YouTube



UPDATE: Tweaked Final Cut HD version now live on YouTube. Click the HD button and turn the volume up.

Many thanks to Omar Modesto for the excellent almost end credits for the HD version.

The video is good enough to be submitted to the competition now. Will continue to work on it though and will have a HD version of it up on YouTube soon. The music is a short clip of “Blue Straggler” by Elecrelane which is on the sound track of the film “What Goes Up”.

Polybore is looking forward to seeing this film partly because Steve Coogan is in it.

The competition being run by the producers of the film and

All the animation work was done using the wonderful and free Blender.


The cool video transition effects for the images were made with animoto. (animoto kicks ass).


The work editing the audio was done with the fantastic and of course free Audacity.


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