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Monday, April 13, 2009

Why Arizona State University (ASU) Should Not Award Honorary Degree to Obama.

Of the 180 Honorary degrees awarded by ASU since the 28th of May 1940 not one of them has been to a serving or past President of the United States. So why should Obama get one?

Here is the complete list of past Honorary Degree Awards by Arizona State University (ASU).

There are no US Presidents on it.


  1. Just dropping by PB!

    Hi from Dubai - some good news awaits you over at flowers,

    Well done!

  2. Just because something hasn't been done before, doesn't mean it should never be done.

    If that were true, there would be no 'firsts' ever and we'd all still be living in caves & YOU would be out hunting beasties & killing 'em with your bare hands instead of sitting in your cosy house playing on the interweb.

  3. If I were Obama I would accept this honorary degree. IMO he has a huge job before him and hopefully the support he received for positive changes at the polls won't wane as the financial struggle continues.