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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Six random facts about polybore


1. Polybore has a tendency to be very patronising.

2. Polybore (it is claimed) Googles everything anyone tells polybore to check it is true.

3. The polybore feet, on a good day, smell like a dead cat floating in a pit of sewage.

4. The offline polybore annoys people by constantly adding “oid” to the end of words not normally associated with this ending. e.g. “pass the mug-oid”, “where is the remote control- oid?” “was that an asteroid- oid?” Also with peoples names tend to add ”-bot” e.g. “Mum- bot”, “Omar- bot”, “Obama- bot”

5. The online polybore annoys people by constantly writing in the third person.

6. Polybore is a terrible food snob. Polybore cooks everything from scratch. NO ready meals.


  1. Oh, come on. Where's your sense of humoroid?

  2. Think it was evaporated by the odour of dead-cat-on-sewage eminating from the cheesy feet (will ask Polybore to google that to find out for sure...)

  3. Kat has gotten used to Polybore talking in third person, Kat likes it