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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Fantastic Super Slow Motion Video at 1000FPS HD. When fast equals slow.


Produced by the new I-Movix SprintCam v3 HD. Who would have thought that 1000 frames per second could look so good.

The start of the video shows footage shot at the Rugby World Cup. Later in the video, perhaps the most amazing footage in the video can be seen, of a variety of falling and bouncing objects. Incredible.

The new camera is set to be shown off at NAB 2009. NAB is a major media industry event produced by the National Association of Broadcasters.

Conferences are 18-23 April. Exhibits 20-23 April

The I-Movix SprintCam v3 HD is sure to be a hit at NAB 2009 and will probably change how we see the action at televised sports events forever. In fact with this camera there is a lot of previously missed video detail that we will now be able to be amazed by.

The applications that this camera could be used for are countless, from industrial analysis to the study of animal behaviour. We can also look forward to some amazing sequences at the cinema once the camera is taken up by the movie industry. What a great bit of kit.

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