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Friday, April 10, 2009

Jonathan Weinberg or Sara Nathan, You’re Fired!? Sun journalists can’t even be bothered to pick up TV schedule before running “exclusive” story.

The Sun newspaper (UK) is running an “exclusive” story based on Sir Alan Sugar supposedly missing the BBC show “The Apprentice” in which he stars. The Sun writes:

“The hit BBC1 show was broadcast at 9pm, at the same time Jewish families across Britain were enjoying a traditional meal celebrating the religious festival of Passover.”

sunClick picture for larger image.

The BBC show is usually on at 9.00pm on a Wednesday night.

Blundering Hacks don’t Check Facts.

However if the Sun’s blundering hacks had bothered to watch the show or check the BBC schedule they would have seen that tonight's “The Apprentice” was on BBC2 at 7.00pm.

bbc scheduleClick picture for larger image.

“The Apprentice” was rescheduled by the BBC to make way for The Masters golf tournament.

You’re Fired!

So in a bit of “The Apprentice” based fun polybore invites you to say “Your Fired!”. Who will it be, the journalist (Jonathan Weinberg), who put their name to this “story” or, the editor (Sara Nathan), who let it get published?

You’re Hired!

Polybore says: come on The Sun we expect better. You should give the credit crunched Polyobre a chance to write for you. Polybore can do better than that.

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