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Monday, April 20, 2009

BlogCatalog’s malware incident was due to an unethical advertiser.

After ignored email and locked discussion threads finally polybore has a definitive answer as to why Google listed BlogCatalog as unsafe during the malware incident.

Previous posts on this:

The initial incident and polybore’s speculation on the cause:

The request of explaination:

Well polybore’s email to BC never received an answer however all became clear in an unrelated discussion on BC yesterday.

In reply to a question from codesucker about advertising on BC in a discussion TonyB (BlogCatalog team member) said:

“The ad problem was caused by one unethical advertiser. We now control all the tags and screen ads before they go up unless they come from google.”

You can see it here. Use find on page because it is a long thread.

All is finally explained and polybore’s speculation at the time has been vindicated. BC should have been much more open about what had happened in the first instance. What is more if they had taken polybore’s advice on board perhaps they could have avoided the whole incident. The key to effective communication is listening.

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