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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How to create an animated gif for your web space/ blog.


In a previous post Polybore mentioned Aniboom as an online service for producing animated GIFs.

Worth considering as an alternative is gifninja

Gifninja is an online tool like aniboom. The main difference/ advantage is that you can upload your own images or, as Polybore has done, your own video file. 5 image limit for .jpeg or for video .wmv or .asf 4 of video seconds max.

Polybore tried it out by uploading a section of an ident video for Polybore’s sister blog

The resulting gif has turned out pretty good you can compare it against the video before it was converted by clicking here.

If you need a gif then gifninja is well worth checking out.


  1. I will have to check it out at some stage, thanks for sharing about it ! :)
    I'm still a technically challenged with all these kinds of things..

  2. Surely watchthingmyblogs is Polysnore's brother blog?

    And what kind of silly name is gininja - it looks like what happens when you tap the keyboard any old way to pretend you can type 194736372536 words per minute?

  3. thanks for the information... anyway if you're stil searching for some sites about animated GIF you can try
    Gif Photo Animation