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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Google Adsense Advertises Fake UK Driving Licences to Terrorists and Criminals

fake uk

Shocking ad served up by Google adsense on the Polybore blog yesterday. It is disgraceful, a fake UK driving licence is the sort of documentation a terrorist could use.

Polybore is really quite angry and embarrassed about this as they have been complaining or making fun of ads on other websites recently.

Polybore naively thought that Google would screen their ads. If this is likely to happen again will need to think if adsense is worth the risk.

Get a grip Google!

Have you seen any dodgy adsense ads recently. Please let Polybore know.


  1. Talking of adverts, the Polybore content seems to be getting squeezed out by adverts these days. On this 1024*768 screen, I am greeted by just your logo and some text links to your posts, flanked by some massive ads for Animoto.

    Farther down I see various dodgy looking adsense ads (Mostly about making money out of ads...) and in a narrow strip down the middle, your content. The strip is not even wide enough for this comment box.

    You should rename your site "adbore"

  2. booo hissss Mr Annonomyous, what a coward at least sign some made up name ass whipeeeee...........Polybore has gotta buy the baby a new pair of shoes so f***ing lay off.
    Hey Polly , how you doing

  3. I was just trying to help. I don't think I deserved to be called an ass whipee.

  4. Fair points Anonymous. No need for a name change- polybore gives free reign to be boring about many, many subjects, including ads. The polybore is in a state of flux at the moment, thinking of ditching the adsense in favour of the animoto ads (cause polybore loves animoto which can't be said for the adsense), The ads were all about ads because they are context sensitive. Thanks for the resolution heads up have made an adjustment to help that.

    Am trying out a new clean (wide) format at at the moment which when ready will move to

    Hope you can see the funny side of ass whipee, kat was quite restrained by her own standards.

    Hi kat, all good with polybore. You are right about the shoes.

  5. oh Mr anonomyous don't get your panties in a bunch, I am just a little protective of polybore Jr's old pops, and ass whipe is like tame compared to what I would have called ya on my it's all good ...
    yeah I know those little feet just keep growing don't they?

  6. wow I never noticed that, what a keen observer. Anyway, why are they showing ads like this. This is a big threat to UK

  7. What IS an ass whipee?
    Mr Anonymous is by his own admission an ass wipe at times (one of his endearing qualities and we loves him anyway...)

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