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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How to add WAV audio to MPEG video (muxing) without re- encoding using free open source software.

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Ok you have a MPEG video and you want to add sound to it in the form of a WAV file. This is how to do it for for free.

You will need to download Aften.exe and an Aften GUI. You can get them here.

Once you have downloaded and extracted them you just need to put the aften.exe file into the same folder as the aften gui program. To start the Aften with the graphical interface click on the GUI file. Alternatively, if you are happy with the command line, you can just use aften.exe on it’s own.

Aften converts a WAV file into the AC3 format. You don’t need to change any settings just add your WAV file and click encode.

Next you need to download and install avidemux

Screen recording of the following steps can be seen here.

1. Open your MPEG video in Avidemux (you can just click and drag it over).

2. Click AUDIO in the top toolbar/ MAIN TRACK/ Change the dropdown menu AUDIO SOURCE from VIDEO to EXTERNAL AC3. Then browse for your file. OK

3. Change AUDIO drop down on left toolbar from COPY to AC3 Aften. Click FILTERS button/ tick RESAMPLING check box (setting needs to be the default 48000). OK

4. Change FORMAT left toolbar from AVI to MPEG-TS (A+V).

5. Click FILE on top toolbar. SAVE/ SAVE VIDEO/ name your new file and select destination. SAVE

6. Right click your new file and RENAME and give it the file extension .MPEG eg yourfilename.MPEG

Done. If you need any further help please leave a comment.

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  1. you dont see too many professional, right to the point blogs like this on blogger, especially where audio and computers are concerned

  2. Thank you it has been a good support, now to add wav audio to mpeg video (muxing) without re- encoding using free open source software. is simple and easy by using your tips. Kudos

  3. Thank you so much! What an awesome, straightforward, easy to follow post. I was pulling my hair out trying to find a way to render MPEG-2 files from Sony Vegas without audio artifacts, but this works perfectly (albeit slightly lower quality audio).

  4. Another way is to install Xilisoft movie maker 6, create the video part in windows movie maker without the audio(in .DV format), import this .DV movie you created in windows movie maker into Xilisoft Movie Maker 6, and at the Audio Tabe in Xilisoft Movie Maker 6, uncheck the empty track of the file you created in Windows Movie Maker, and click on the plus sign(add audio track) and browse for your .WAV file and click open. Then click on "Export" button in Xilisoft Movie Maker to export your movie. This program attaches an audio file to a .DV movie file without re-encoding that audio file. Of course the ouput format you export in must be also .DV format.