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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Crawling baby mobile protection unit.

Crawling 9mth old babies can really get around the house finding lots of interesting things to eat, dismantle and bang their heads on. It is an age old problem but being a new(ish) dad Polybore can look at this problem with a fresh pair of eyes and thinks that a solution may just be around the corner.

To give you an idea of what this innovation may look like on completion here is a glimpse of what has influenced the thought process.

First off we have the hamster exercise ball.

Creative Commons License

And secondly by the Zorb which, if you have not encountered one before is an inflatable human adult sized  version of the hamster ball.

Creative Commons License

You may see where Polybore is going with this. Not sure how the sound proofing is going to work though, all suggestions gratefully received.


  1. He's 10 months old ffs! And get a wriggle on with that soundproofing...

  2. love it, but you gotta take a ride in it too