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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Will photosynth ever be able to export point cloud to blender?

Polybore has been having a lot of fun with blender recently You can the recent animated logo efforts here.

Polybore has also been impressed by MicroSoft LiveLabs Photosynth Which automatically builds a 3d scene from your uploaded photos that you can navigate around. Check it out to see what I mean, it is worth a look the only draw back being that you need Internet Explorer and you have to download and install the viewer plug in for it to work.

What has me excited is that Photosynth builds a 3d point cloud like in the picture above. Now if Photosynth could export the point cloud, as vertexes, to 3D Animation software like Blender then wow, that would be awesome! If this were possible then when you wanted to model something all you would need to do would be to take a bunch of photos of it then get Photosyth to export the point cloud to your 3D animation software and bingo job done (after a bit of tidying up).

Now I would love to ask LiveLabs if they intend to include an export point cloud feature to Photosynth but I can't find a way of contacting them. I am hoping someone will see this post and find out for me. It would be awesome for amateur 3d animators like me and would make a very expensive technique used in the film industry available to everyone for next to nothing.