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Friday, July 18, 2008

The danger of carrying ads on your blog.

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Polybore says "If you are going to condemn homosexuality in your blog you should be more careful about the ads you carry."
For the blog in question in all it's glory

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Small rabbit causes $6 million damage.

Polybore does not like rabbits, they are rats with good public relations. News of a small rabbit causing £3 million ($6 million) worth of damage to a drinking water system in an area of the UK helps polybore feel right in despising pesky rabbits.

Anglian Water, the water company effected, detected the bug Cryptosporidium in it's water distribution system. This bug is a parasite which infects animals and can infect humans, if a healthy person is infected, they will not be going far from the toilet for at least two weeks, because of serious diarrhoea. For someone who is already frail or ill infection can lead to very serious illness.

Give Anglian Water their due credit, they were right on the problem with 500 people working round the clock flushing pipes, disinfecting tanks, advising the public to boil water and providing alternative drinking water. In the course of the clean up they "must have" found this small rabbit bobbing about in a water purification tank.

I say "must have" because the fact there was a dead rabbit in a tank has not been reported. Initially polybore had an image of a vindictive bunny, having penetrated security, perching at the edge of a tank before depositing it's droppings over the edge then gleefully hopping off. But the fact that it has been reported as being caused by a rabbit, and that it was a small one, surely means they fished it's dead body from a tank. So the rabbit must have fallen in and drowned (sploosh). Lucky for Anglian Water it was a cutesy rabbit, imagine the uproar if it had been a rat.

Polybore says exterminate all rabbits in the UK, exterminate with extreme prejudice. They are not supposed to be here, the rotten Romans introduced them. What did the Romans do for us? Infested the place with rabbits, that is what they did. Roads and central heating, I'd give them up if it meant no more rabbits.

Link to boring news article here.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Lunatic stockpiles one million match heads.

You may have seen the story going round about a guy called Michael Arndt who built a full size replica F1 car out of match sticks. In fact close to a million match sticks 956,000. Well people reckon this is pretty cool. However something bothers polybore, what has he done with 956,000 match heads! Thats a lot of phosphorus sesquisulfide and potassium chlorate.

I don't know exactly how much phosphorus sesquisulfide there is in a single match head. But even a conservative guesstimate of 0.1g would mean this guy has 95.6kg (211 pounds) of explosive stashed somewhere.

Look in the photos, he is clearly cutting the heads off of live matches! Is this an elaborate plan to cover up for explosive stock piling?

Man cutting head off match
Man making car wheel out of matches

Michael Arndt in completed full size match built F1 model car
Here is where I first saw this story. No details on the match heads there, or anywhere else that I can find.

If anyone can put my mind to rest on what this guy did with the match heads I would be mightily relieved.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

France demonstrates her influence on World affairs.

French President Sarkozy The US and UK's world standing is in tatters and they have about the same level of influence as a gnat has when it strikes the wind shield of a jet liner. Let's be generous and say "marginal".

Meanwhile the much maligned, by certain US and UK commentators, France has pulled off three significant foreign policy successes in the past week. That is three more than George W Bush managed in his 8 year term. One more than New Labour has achieved in it's 11 years in government in the UK (credit for Kosovo and Sierra Leone).

1. The historic establishment of diplomatic ties between Syria and Lebanon mediated by France and Qatar.

2. Setting up an encouraging environment between Israel and Palestine for future peace talks.

3. The inaugural summit of the Union for the Mediterranean.

OK we have been optimistic regarding Palestine many times in the past as various US presidents have sought the foreign policy holy grail without success. Also the effectiveness of the Union for the Mediterranean has yet to be seen. The point however is that the vacuum left by the US and UK is being filled by France and this has to be good for world stability.

Until Afghanistan and Iraq are stable, safe, countries the US and UK will continue to struggle to influence anyone as exemplified by their recent failure to persuade the UN to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe.

A change of US President may reinvigorate US foreign policy. Unfortunately any incoming President is going be hamstrung by the legacy of Afghanistan and Iraq. It is difficult to see how the US/ UK coalition can draw a line under operations and withdraw in a timescale of anything less than 20 years. So until then it will be France who exert influence around the world. This should be applauded because the alternative is Russia and China filling the vacuum left by the US.