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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Small rabbit causes $6 million damage.

Polybore does not like rabbits, they are rats with good public relations. News of a small rabbit causing £3 million ($6 million) worth of damage to a drinking water system in an area of the UK helps polybore feel right in despising pesky rabbits.

Anglian Water, the water company effected, detected the bug Cryptosporidium in it's water distribution system. This bug is a parasite which infects animals and can infect humans, if a healthy person is infected, they will not be going far from the toilet for at least two weeks, because of serious diarrhoea. For someone who is already frail or ill infection can lead to very serious illness.

Give Anglian Water their due credit, they were right on the problem with 500 people working round the clock flushing pipes, disinfecting tanks, advising the public to boil water and providing alternative drinking water. In the course of the clean up they "must have" found this small rabbit bobbing about in a water purification tank.

I say "must have" because the fact there was a dead rabbit in a tank has not been reported. Initially polybore had an image of a vindictive bunny, having penetrated security, perching at the edge of a tank before depositing it's droppings over the edge then gleefully hopping off. But the fact that it has been reported as being caused by a rabbit, and that it was a small one, surely means they fished it's dead body from a tank. So the rabbit must have fallen in and drowned (sploosh). Lucky for Anglian Water it was a cutesy rabbit, imagine the uproar if it had been a rat.

Polybore says exterminate all rabbits in the UK, exterminate with extreme prejudice. They are not supposed to be here, the rotten Romans introduced them. What did the Romans do for us? Infested the place with rabbits, that is what they did. Roads and central heating, I'd give them up if it meant no more rabbits.

Link to boring news article here.


  1. C'mon! Dude! They're bunnies! :) How can ya not love ya some bunnies. Bad Polybore.

  2. Ok Drowsey. Bunnys are not all bad I admit. They do taste really good.

  3. As Father Jack, quite rightly says when seeing a room full of rabbits "Rats! Hairy, Japanese BASTARDS!"

  4. So, polybore, tell us how you REALLY feel about rabbits. :)