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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Marcus Brigstocke creeps up his own arse.

The corduroy King Marcus Brigstocke
Marcus Brigstocke is a comedian whose material is largely based on current events and political commentary. I have to say I am something of a fan of his but his recent slot on the Now Show (BBC Radio 4) has angered polybore.

Listening to this corduroy clad pompous ass crowing over the fact I will have to pay more car tax has touched a nerve.
You can hear him opening his mouth and letting his belly rumble here. (mp3)
Metro Man Marcus swans round London on it's public transport network, all the time smugly patting himself on the back for doing so. Well that is just great Marcus, but maybe just for a second you could remove your Big Smoke blinkers and notice that life exists beyond Watford.

I drive a second hand Ford Mondeo which was registered in May 2001. I bought a top of the range second hand Mondeo because it had the better safety features than smaller engined versions in the range. I'm going to have to pay the top rate of road tax for this car. £430 for 12 months. Well I'd love to replace it with a shiny new car but frankly I can't afford to. My car is not for the school run, it is for getting to work, or the nearest shop 20 miles away, for transporting my 10 week old baby safely, for negotating blizzards in the winter, and for towing my large trailer full of fire wood.

Marcus is making a point about rights and responsibilities targeting David Cameron. But in doing this he seems to assume that the 9 million car owners who are going to be hit by this tax are all Tory voters. It's a bad joke, a poor observation, polybore is not laughing.

Lets face it this is another tax which will hit those like myself on lower to middle incomes. The people who Marcus has in his sights, who buy high performance sports cars or large 4 wheel drives and can afford to pay £20,000+ for the privilege and will not blink at paying this tax. What is more only an idiot would think this tax will benefit the environment a jot, cars registered in 2001 are coming to the end of their lives anyway.

It seems to me that Marcus has lost the plot, I now see him as a microcosm of New Labour. Washed out and out of touch. It hurts me to say that as I have previously always preferred a Labour government.

Get a grip Marcus before you disappear up there entirely.

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  1. AH polybore, you're only angry with Marcus cos you know, deep down, he's got a point and because he's dissed your beloved tank (which you bought because it has a huge engine and goes like stink).

    The answer to the road tax debacle is to abolish it altogether and introduce standardised national fuel prices which would mean drivers pay-as-they-go.