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Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Picture of LED appliance bulb
Listen to the polybore droning this post. (mp3)

Polybore has a lot of eureka moments. Unfortunately this happens so often that the excitement of realisation is quickly tempered by the remembrance of past experience. The thing is, if you have had a good idea it is very, very likely that someone else has had the idea before you. If no one else has had the idea then it is very probable that one's idea stinks.

This happened to polybore today (again). Having retrieved juice from the fridge the idea popped into polybore's head. Why is there a 20 watt filament bulb in the fridge, getting all hot and the fridge having to cool it down, when there could be a nice LED bulb? LED bulbs use less energy and run nice and cool perfect for a fridge.

Off dashed polybore to consult the internet, mind racing, with the idea of being a fridge bulb magnate. As usual however google informed polybore that someone else had come up with the idea. Some white coated light bulb boffin no doubt.

Oh well. Until the next eureka moment...

At least polybore knows about these bulbs now and will invest in one next time the fridge bulb goes.


  1. Well dang.

    DrowseyMonkey likes the way polybore talks tho, LOL

  2. Unless you have stumbled towards it in a pitch black kitchen, a fridge does not need a light inside it.

  3. The fridge DOES need a light in it so you can read "fascinatin'" posts by polybore Muig! Silly boy!

  4. Rather ironically, the "long life" bulb in my kitchen blew the day after I wrote that comment and that night I had to stumble towards my fridge in a pitch black kitchen, and when opened it I could not see what was inside because the fridge bulb blew ages ago.