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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Why not to go to Glastonbury

Glastonbury tickets sold out in a few hours in 2005 and 2007. This year you can still buy tickets months after they went on sale. I can understand peoples reluctance to go. In 2005 one day of rain was enough to turn the event into a massive stinking slimy cess pit. We still enjoyed ourselves because we had pitched our tent on the hill so were not amongst the poor sods who had their tent submerged effectively losing all their gear and it was our first visit so there was some novelty value to the mud.

We went to Glasto 2007 thinking that surely the organisers have learned a lesson after 2005. They claimed to have improved the irrigation for the site. Well maybe they had, but with rain every day over the event, and 100,000+ people trudging about the site was a slurry pit from day one. The site is basically a big plug hole, all the rain water washes straight to the stages and the soil type means that very little rain is needed for it to turn to mud. The organisers are fully aware of this but in my view have not done a few common sense things to counter the mud threat.

Why oh why could they not put down walkways for pedestrians, they put down temporary roads for vehicles to get about. There is nothing worse than having to step off sound footing into deep mud to let some impatient git go past in a vehicle. Also it would be very easy to put out some kind of seating. One of the worst things about the mud is that its impossible to sit down anywhere. Even if you have a camp chair its going to sink into the mud.

How about some kind of flooring in the toilets? Falling into urine soaked mud is not fun in anyone's book.

The last straw for me was the terrible sound quality at some of the stages. I was so relieved when it was over. Sure I enjoyed seeing so many of my fav bands but this was outweighed by the miserable mud trudging.


  1. A-WOOOO! A-WOOOO! Old fuddy duddy alert! Take a chair?! You'll be replacing tents with campervans, nay luxury American style hotels on wheels next (the fuel would cost more than the tickets though)!
    A little bit of mud isn't the worst thing to put up with - a mumpy husband moaning about the mud is far, far worse!

  2. For once I find myself siding with Polybore. The conditions were so abominable that I had to continually medicate myself with neat vodka and whiksy. Only by stripping away 99% of my identity using the asshole juice was I able to function in this unspeakable shitpit.

  3. heehee, nice post. The conditions are really horrible, it's a pity.

  4. Although we had mud on the first day (I would have been DISAPPOINTED without it!) the sun poured for the remainder. And the sound quality was superb on all the stages I visited. What was better was that I couldn't hear a thing from my mums place (in Pilton) - for the first year running the festival barely disturbed the residents.