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Friday, June 27, 2008

Time to pull the plug on Big Brother

In the early hours of today following an argument amongst the contestants Dennis and Mohamed were separated. Dennis had spat in Mohameds face and has subsequently been kicked off the show.

This alleged spitting incident comes after a housemate named Alexandra was removed from the show for implied threats of gang violence against other contestants families.

Previous series of Big Brother have provided a TV platform for bullys and racists. I can't understand why any advertiser would want to be associated with this show. Virgin Mobile should withdraw it's sponsorship, I guess they were managed to get a good deal because reputable companies would not touch Big Brother with a barge pole.

What has Virgin Mobiles advertising money bought them so far. Well I now associate Virgin Mobile with exploitative cheap TV, spitting and gang violence. Now that is a piece of advertising genius Virgin Mobile, get out before it gets any worse.

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