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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Squeeky clean.

Tesco dish washing detergentI had a nasty experience yesterday evening. I had a shower and what I thought was shampoo turned out to be anti- bacterial dish washing detergent. My wife bought the stuff and I had unpacked it from the shopping.

OK I've been stupid but, in my defence, just look at the bottle for goodness sake. What does it look like? Shampoo/ shower gel or washing up detergent? Then there is the labeling, black type against dark green, what a stroke of genius. The white text is clearly visible but the only text that is in white reads "TESCO" and "mulated". Very informative.

Well thanks Tesco, I'm probably more clean than I have ever been before but at the same time my skin has never been this dry. I'd like to find the person who designed this stupid bottle.

I don't care how many extra units they shift because of the fancy design. Kitchen detergent should be easily identified. If people want it in a fancy bottle so it looks nice on the draining board they can use a bottle of their own.

Here is a crazy idea Tesco. You are all for people using their own bags these days. Why not have a huge vat of your dish washing detergent with a tap on it so we can reuse our own bottles. The bottle I'd reuse would look like my second pic. Now that's what I call a dish washing liquid bottle.

Tesco are a massive UK based supermarket chain like Wal mart.
Picture of old fashioned sqeezy bottle


  1. Oh dear, that was very amusing. There's something special about someone doing something incredibly stupid, then getting all indignant about it.

    Don't worry, your Yank fanbase probably already knows about Tesco. There's been stuff in the news lately about Tesco's shabby treatment of its staff in America. Sounds like they're trying to rival Walmart in more ways than one!

  2. Hmmm, when preparing to shower, is it more sensible to go rummaging through the kitchen (a place well known for washing dishes, not so much for washing your own bits) to look for soap or would it have been more sensible to look in the shower room (well known for washing of your own bits and where I know for a fact there are at least 4 bottles of shower gel and two blocks of soap)? Silly billy!