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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Paul Robinett (renetto) blacks up on YouTube

renetto as normal and renetto blacked up
Renetto White Renetto Black.

Paul Robinett AKA renetto (wikipedia)

I'd like to show you the video of renetto blacked up (blackface) but he has taken it down from YouTube, and it does not seem to be held on any other servers, so we will have to make do with the still.

He says in his vlog that he took the video down because in it he had used copyrighted material from an audio series "This I believe" and that the copyright holders had made a complaint to YouTube. renetto reads excerpts from the email he received from the copyright holders and is at pains to say that they were very reasonable and only wanted videos which contained their material taken down. renetto also, pointedly, says that the copyright holders would be interested in him promoting their material in the future.

renetto is a smart media savvy guy who has built an online presence which makes him valuable to advertisers. In particular he a partner in YouTubes revenue sharing scheme. This scheme expressly forbids the use of copyright material without permission.

Because of renetto's obvious intelligence and business experience you might conclude that, just maybe, he was using the copyright material with its owners consent because to have done otherwise would be out of character and utterly stupid. renetto describes himself as an inventor. Inventors are very clued up on copyright.

Blacking up is very controversial and has offended a significant number of YouTube users and would have had the potential of offending many more people if the video had been left to stand. renetto actively courts the media and it would not have been long before his blacking up would have run as a negative story against him, this in turn would inevitably lead to advertisers dropping him.

Subsequent videos posted by renetto have critised copyright law, many YouTube users have voiced there opinion that this is diversionary tactic to draw attention away from the fact that renetto blacked up in a video.

If you watch renetto's video's you can see in his eyes that something has clearly gone wrong with his game plan. He has failed to acknowledge the offence he has caused by his blacking up, instead he has been angrily banging on about copyright law. I invite the reader to draw their own conclusions.


  1. Then again, there is always the motto: no press is bad press. If he is marketing savvy, I wonder if this is a ploy to stir controversy in order to grab media attention from multiple media sources, thus further building his name? Just a thought. For example, I consider my self pretty net savvy, but have never heard about him until this post - so I am not so much outraged by his actions as I am curious who this guy is.

  2. Quite right melody. renetto does like to generate a bit of drama from time to time to keep his audience interested. Maybe polyore has been suckered into providing him with more publicity. This has created a bit of a quandary for me. When to comment, when not to comment?

  3. There are at least 2 things wrong with this scenario:

    #1 You are giving the guy the oxygen of publicity. I'd never heard of him but this morning I went on to Youtube to find out about what he'd done.

    #2 I could only find responses to his video, not the real thing. Because of the responses I've taken a dislike to him- but that's not fair because I have not seen the evidence.

    Oh, and here's another:

    #3 We're back to the distasteful subject of people who make money out of Web 2.0