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Monday, June 9, 2008

Parents of ill vegan girl may face police (timesonline).

Picture of a human skeleton I can just about tolerate vegetarians but I draw the line at veganism. Vegans have to be one of the worlds most self righteous groups, they are dietary fundamentalists whose views border on fanaticism. Here we have yet another example of vegan parents inflicting a starvation diet on their child at a time when it is crucial that their growing bodies receive a good balanced diet.

Have you ever met a vegan who has been vegan all their lives? People take up veganism as adults, these convert vegans have had the benefit of a balanced diet while growing up, yet deny this to their children. In my view vegan parents who force their diet on their children are being criminally negligent.


  1. you mean vejudgemenalists? I dated one. never again. dugg.

  2. Yep it's the vejudgemenalists who I'm fed up with. Nice term I'll be using that.

  3. hah You're a joke.

  4. Polybore cured me of my vegetarian ways - got me pished then dragged me into the kebab shop.
    Plus, my granny used to work in a nursery where the vegan sproglets weren't allowed honey, INCASE THE BEES HAD FELT TRAUMATISED WHEN THEIR HONEY WAS STOLEN! If that's not grade A nutter logic, I dunno what is...

  5. That is one of the most idiotic things i have ever read in my entire life. Do you honestly believe that the only way to survive is by eating meat and drinking milk? Did you know that 70% of britain are lactose intolerant which means that they cant even eat dairy because it will make them ill. Alot of this lactose intolerance starting from birth. You need to research these things before you write idiotic statements like that.

  6. Thanks for your input Claire. Polybore has done some research. Maybe you should have done some yourself. "70% of britain are lactose intolerant" actually the figure is about 6%. What has lactose intolerance have to do with eating meat anyway?

    So Claire, you need to research these things before you write idiotic statements.

  7. In some countries the amount of people lactose intolerant is 100% in britain its higher than 6% you are going on the lowest possible amount there. Vegans dont eat of drink dairy, thats where it comes into it. If it was so unhealthy how do lactose intolerant peopel survive? Do you even know what a balanced and healthy diet is? Who ever said that in order to survive we HAVE to eat other animals. If you think this then fair enough but it isnt true. I know plenty of healthy vegan and vegetarian children and adults. HOw many people do you actually know who are vegan? Or are you one of those media obsessed nutters who believes everything they read in the paper or see on the news?

  8. Claire you miss my point. Most lactose intolerant people are not vegans because they eat meat. The countries which you mention that have high rates of lactose intolerance are countries which historically have not farmed dairy livestock. Usually this is because the environment is not suitable for dairy herds.

    The 6% figure I picked up from the NHS. The NHS says that in Britain there are about 5.5 million people with lactose intolerance.

    As you ask, I know quite a few vegetarians but I don't know any vegans.

    Look my point here is that I think it is unfair for parents to foist their dietary beliefs on their children. In the same way as I believe that it is wrong for parents to foist their religion, their prejudices or any of their other hang ups they have had the time to pick up. Children should be free to decide in their own time and when they are mature enough if they want to be vegan. Otherwise they are at the mercy of their parents knowledge/ or lack of knowledge about nutrition.

    Polybore does know what a balanced diet is. This information can be found very easily.