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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Junkies fund the Taliban

Photo of heroin injection equipment
According to the UN the Taliban raked in a cool $100 million in 2007 from opium production in Afghanistan last year. While the Coalition and world aid agencies pump in hundreds of millions of dollars to help Afghanistan the world's junkies pump in millions of dollars to the Afghan opium industry. The Taliban use this money to acquire armaments to kill Coalition troops and Afghan civilians.

So if you are a junkie reading this, if it is not enough that you are killing yourself with your addiction for you to stop, then have a think about the guns, violence and murder you are supporting by buying heroin.

If you are not a junkie, before you feel to smug, are you buying the records of a junkie? If so we know what the junkie musician will spend the money on, yep heroin.


  1. Bit hard on your junkie readership Polybore. At least Will Self knows how to use an apostrophe! The Taliban as well, probably.

    Sort him out Mrs Polybore.

  2. I see where you're coming from but I honestly don't think that when trying to score a hit, the average junkie is at all worried about the far reaching ramifications of his/her actions. Maybe someone should lobby someone else for fair trade herion - all proceeds guaranteed not to be cashed in for bullets & grenades?

    Off to listen to Babyshambles album now while I still can...

    (and Fink's right; sort your punctuationalising ;)

  3. nah gotta agree with the lady, all they care about is scoring, all that other stuff doesn't even equate in, but I hear ya,

  4. hi nuubs