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Sunday, June 1, 2008

How to make perfect prawn cocktail quickly and easily.

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I am rather fond of prawn cocktail. Maybe not the most fashionable of dishes but if you care about that sort of thing then you could describe it as being retro chic.

Up until recently I would never make it myself because I imagined that the sauce was very complicated to make. Well it turns out that it is amazingly easy.

All you need is.

Some cooked and shelled prawns, nice big ones are best, unfortunately I could only get tiddlers when I made the one in the photo. It would have looked and tasted better with king prawns.

Then there is just the mayonnaise, tomato ketchup, paprika, lemons and a lettuce (crunchy).

Chuck the mayo in a bowl and add a small squirt of ketchup then mix it up, taste it, if you think it needs more ketchup add a squirt more. Pop in some paprika, careful now this stuff has some kick. I like my prawn cocktail to have a bit of kick but you adjust to your taste. Add salt and pepper to taste as well, you hardly need any salt at all, in fact you could miss out the salt altogether. Squeeze in some fresh lemon. That's your sauce ready.

On the plate make a bed of lettuce leaves, then put the prawns on top of this in a pile. Drizzle the sauce over the prawns then dust with a small amount of paprika. Serve with a wedge of lemon.

One of the best things about prawn cocktail is you can make them in advance and put them in the refrigerator. This means that when it comes to serving your guests at least the first course will be easy and stress free.

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