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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How to make fantastic easy perfect lemon cheese cake.

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This cheese cake is really easy to make, tastes simply amazing and is sure to be a hit at the dinner table. It is best made the day before to allow it to set overnight. It will keep in the fridge for several days once made and seems to get better with age although I can assure you my experience is they are quickly gobbled up. If you are a bit daunted by the high calorie count of this recipe consider replacing the cheese and cream with low fat equivalents. My advice though is to make the full bodied version and have a smaller slice (if you can)

What you will need (serves 8):

For the top.

6 whole lemons
600g (21.1oz) cream cheese (eg Philadelphia)
600ml (21.1floz) double cream
gelatin or vegetarian equivalent enough to set one pint
90g (3oz) caster sugar

For the base.

300g (10.5oz) digestive biscuits (or equivalent biscuits)
100g (3.5) butter
60g (2oz) granulated sugar

It is a lot easier to turn out the cheese cake with a tin like this. A clip cake tin with removable base. Like the one pictured below. My tin is 8" in diameter and 4" high.

It is best to make the base first. Crush up the biscuits, it is fun to do this by putting them in a plastic bag then whacking it with a rolling pin. Don't get too carried away or the bag will split. If the biscuit crumbs are larger you will get a more crunchy base.

Put the crushed biscuits in a bowl. Add the granulated sugar. Melt the butter in a pan and add to the mix.For added zing add some zest from the lemons (scrape lemon skin using a zester). Mix up then place it in the cake tin. Firm the biscuit base down with a spoon, or the base of a glass. Then pop the tin in the fridge for half an hour or so in order that the base sets before you add the topping.

The topping is also really easy. Squeeze the lemons (take out the pips), and add all ingredients, except the gelatin/ vege gel into a mixing bowl. I usually use an electric whisk to do the mixing. Once the mixture is smooth prepare the gelatin or vege gel and according to the instructions on the packet and add.

Carefully pour/ scoop the mixture into the cake tin and place in the fridge to set. For best results leave in the fridge overnight or for at least 3 hours.

That's it, just turn out the cheese cake. I tend to serve it on it's own but if you want to show off decorate the top with fruit.


  1. Putting something that yummy looking on your blog is just plain wrong. Now I'm going to be craving this stuff. :)

  2. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Yummy cheesecake!It's my most favourite pudding ever (also nice for breakfast & the addition of lemons means it counts towards your 5-a-day too - hurrah!)

  3. just give me my fork back and I will eat it lol