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Monday, June 30, 2008

Expletive gets marks in an exam.

One of Britain's top exam markers has caused a bit of a stir by awarding 2 marks out of 27 for an exam paper in which the student had only written "f*ck off". Without the star of course.

You can see the story here.

And in more detail here

Now I tend to agree that these marks should have been given. I visited a friend of mine a while ago. He showed me a note that some kids in his block had shoved through his letter box. It read "f*ck of".

My friend is an educator and he was not upset by the sentiment, it was the incorrect spelling of "off" which got to him. It is a sad state of affairs when a kid can spell "f*ck" but not "off".

Bearing this in mind I think the examiner was right to award marks because at least the kid taking the exam managed to get the spelling right. And as the examiner says, if the student had just added an exclamation mark "!" then he could have had an extra mark.


  1. know I wrote some lovely words in a GCSE exam many moons ago, I must of gotten some marks for it too

    Its not something that I am proud of, but in my defence the questions were on a topic we hadn't even covered.

    So if it was a protest "F*%k off" then I would give them 2 marks.

    I was lazy and posted this on the BC thread too.

  2. As an educator in the US, I can assure you that at every public school I have taught at the student would have received a ZERO and been disciplined!