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Friday, June 6, 2008

Execute Khalid Sheikh Mohammed?

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed organised the 9/11 bombings and it's safe to say he will be convicted of this crime because he admits this and is proud of what he has done.

When found guilty Mohammed will face the death sentence. Mohammed has requested the death penalty as he wishes to be a martyr.

Should the wishes of a mass murderer be granted? Would a more suitable punishment be life imprisonment where he would watch through his prison bars as Islamic Fundamentalism fades away. His death in prison, years from now, would not be as a martyr but as a murderer for a forgotten and disgraced cause.

Execution can never be a deterrent against those who are prepared to lose their lives, it can only be a punishment. In this case is execution a punishment that fits the crime?


  1. Life in prison, 1 book to read, the bible.

    give the poor man a television, just lock it on the Christian Network.

    better than martyrdom.
    Hell I'm not even a church goer, but I can see what kind of punishment is required here.

  2. As I get older I find myself warming to the idea of corporal punisment.

    So, how about wallpapering his cell with cartoons of the prophet muhhamed, only allowing him to wear a pigskin jacket and trousers,having all his (pork-based) meals served by a playboy bunny and finally, ensuring that his only reading and viewing material is gay porn?

  3. We seem to agree so far on life imprisonment rather than execution. I'm not so sure the tormenting him during his imprisonment is a good plan. That will encourage sympathy for the man and bestow living martyrdom.

  4. So how about we dress him as a playboy bunny? He'll receive hilarity, not sympathy, and nobody will want to make a martyr of him dressed like that.