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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The energy for the future. Nuclear Power.

In a world with dwindling energy resources it is insane to ignore a proven source of energy which emits very low levels of carbon dioxide. Public perception of its safety and concerns for the storage of radioactive waste are holding back the redevelopment of nuclear power for the 21st Century.

80% of the worlds electricity comes from fossil fuels. Fossil fuel power stations just pump their waste products, millions and millions of tonnes of CO2, into the atmosphere. In comparison nuclear power waste is minute in volume and it's storage is extremely closely monitored.

In terms of safety, considering the technology the first generation reactors were built with, nuclear power has a good record. There has been one major incident at Chernobyl. Chernobyl's design has been found to be flawed and unlike nuclear power stations in the West it did not have a containment dome. This design omission allowed the discharge of radioactive material following the explosion.

New nuclear facilities are being built with the superior technology compared with previous generations of plant. They are ever safer and ever more efficient.

Nuclear power is not the solution to meeting the worlds future energy needs, but it is an essential component of the solution. Energy conservation, renewable power sources (wind, tidal etc) and nuclear are the way forward. Nuclear power fits well with renewable sources because it is as natural as they are and does not emit CO2. Consider where the Earth and all life gets it's energy, from The Sun, a gigantic nuclear power plant.


  1. You're a classic nimby.

  2. Hardly. If I could I would have a nuclear reactor in my garage.

  3. We got a nuclear power plant in our town, it's strange we all have this strange glow when it gets dark, it's kinda stange lol

  4. kat, Do you live in Springfield?