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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Democrat flip flop disaster.

Hilary Clinton Barack Obama Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. The attempt at compromise over numbers of delegates from Michigan and Florida looks to have failed. Allocating votes to Obama from a ballot in which he did not take part is patently very very stupid. What's more it has clearly angered the Clinton camp and reduced the chances of them dropping gracefully out of the race.

A US presidential candidate needs to demonstrate that they can reach out to members of all parties because this is what they will need to do to be effective in office. Unfortunately for the Democratic party it seems that neither of the candidates has the ability to reach out to and unify their own party. If they can't do this with their own party then what chance with the US people as a whole?

It is starting to look like the eventual winner of the Democratic nomination will have scored only a pyrrhic victory. Two strong candidates and a closely fought battle has resulted in a damaging split which will surely decrease the chances of the Democrats defeating the Republicans in the Presidential election. Split parties do not win elections.

An excellent opportunity for a democratic president has been spoiled by a combination allowing the train wreck of Michigan/ Florida to occur and Hilary Clinton's failure to see the big picture.

Events continue to unfold.

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  1. Events unfold and not for the better.