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Friday, May 30, 2008

Stop telling me what to do!

Just once I would like to wake up and be told that it is perfectly safe to do something.
But no, that's not going to happen. I'm fed up of politicians telling me what I should do.
If I eat I'm going to get fat and have a heart attack.
If I smoke I'll die horribly of cancer.
If I go out in the sun I'll get skin cancer and die.
If I drink alcohol my liver will explode and I'll die.
If I drive fast I'll crash and die. If I take drugs I'll go mad,die, or end up in prison. If I eat red meat I'll get colon cancer and die. Download music or films a big corporation might want to make an example of me and I'll be penniless. Park in the wrong place and I'll get a ticket or my car towed. Fail to pay my road tax and my car will get crushed. Accidentally miss a payment and my credit score is ruined. Put the wrong rubbish in the trash and they won't take it away.
I'm sick of it. It's getting to the stage where everything the individual does is assessed, monitored and judged. The thing is its the good citizen that seems to be the one that bears the brunt of this scrutiny while the criminals, politicians and celebrities seem to be able to get away with it. Rant over.

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  1. A Libertarian wail from Polybore, 12th disciple of Clarkson. What's it all about- you're a good citizen even despite your music piracy and desire to speed on public roads, you're happy to accept free healthcare but you don't wish to receive advice which is designed to stop you needing it, and you'd rather pay much less or even no tax because, after all, the bins will empty themselves and things like roads cost nothing to repair?