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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I'd been struggling away to try and post a screen recording of a Captivate tutorial I made for an earlier post. I had thought I would use YouTube. The YouTube compression resulted in a really fuzzy video and my first post to YouTube was one of the worst videos I have ever seen.

However I was saved by a contribution from Beech who suggested I use screencast-o-matic. Its a fantastic bit of kit that I wish had been around ages ago. You just need java installed, it will prompt you for this, then away you go capturing your screen with just your browser. What's more it provides free hosting of your recording.

Here is my first go with it.

For comparison here is the you tube video I managed eventually to make bearable after a lot of faffing about.

And a link to the glorious site itself

Well done the screencast-o-matic chaps.

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