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Thursday, May 8, 2008


I have to say I am jolly impressed with Orb. It really has some great features and its very easy to use. The only downside is that when streaming liveTV it needs a PC with a fair bit of grunt. My HTPC that I built ages ago only has a semperon 2400xp (socket A) just can't hack that particular feature.

If you have not tried Orb and you are looking for a media streaming solution, or even a way to access files on your PC remotely, you really must take it for a test run. I was surprised at all the additional features as I'd always thougth of it as a TV streamer. Whats more if you are only interested in pumping media round your home network Orb will do this for you as well as it detects that the host and client are on the same network and streams the media directly between them. Free and Amazing.


  1. But what is Orb? Why would I need it?

    I don't recall ever having a problem finding a media file on my network and playing it using windows media player.

    What more does Orb do?

  2. Hi Muig,
    Download it and try it out!

  3. No. I have no need of it.