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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Online punk ransom note creator package.

Image of collection of letters and numbers that have been cut from newspapersEdit. Since I did this post I have found a widget that does the same thing but a lot more professionally. Mind you the widget will not do numbers unlike my diy masterpiece which will. Get the widget here.

OK its a rather grand title for a bunch of letters cut out of various newspapers and scanned into a computer but it does the job. It took me quite a while, searching, snipping and scanning so I feel it deserves an elaborate title.

All you need to do is click on the image (above and to left) and a much larger one will open in a window. Right click on it and select save picture. Once saved open it with Microsoft Paint (Start/ all programs/ accessories paint). In paint use select (its the rectangle icon at the top right of the vertical toolbar at the left of the screen). Once you have selected a letter you can move it, copy it, paste it, stretch it, bend it, anyway you like it. I find its easiest if you open paint twice, one for the letter "bank", the other to paste to. Just a bit of punk fun.

See for a video demo of how to do it.

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