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Friday, May 9, 2008

Independent Scotland.

Lion Rampant Flag Alex Salmond leader of the Scottish National Party is a rather happy chappie at the moment. Not being a huge fan of Alex I find this rather unsettling. I've never really seen the point of Scotland leaving the United Kingdom as I am as happy with being British as I am proud to be Scottish.

If opinion polls are to be trusted then most Scots share my feelings regarding Scotland's membership of the UK. A recent poll by YouGov 28.04.08 shows that only 25% of Scots would favour complete independence.

My worry is that this figure of 25% may well rise. I can't see Labour winning the next general election and I can easily imagine the Conservative Party winning with a sizable majority. Unfortunately the Conservatives still fail to gather support in the North of England and in Scotland. Essentially we would once again see a UK government with few MPs with constituencies North of the Border. Scotland remembers what this was like from the Major/ Thatcher years and some will be forced to contemplate independence to avoid this state of affairs returning.

I have to say I'm a bit worried. The Conservatives seem to have forgotten their Unionist credentials. Labour are in real difficulties, Wendy Alexander, say no more. The SNP are cock-a-hoop. Many people in England seem to favour Scottish independence which I find a bit weird, does that mean they are anti Britain?

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