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Friday, May 30, 2008

Incy wincy spider.

Brown recluse spiderI'm always surprised how many people I meet in the UK who are scared of spiders when there is not a single venomous species of spider in the British Isles.

Spare a thought then for the people of the world who at this time of year need to check the toilet seat, under the bed, in their slippers and should definitely wear gloves when clearing out the shed. The pictured brown recluse spider is not the most venomoAdder eating spider found in the US however it's bite can leave very unpleasant and painful wounds. It has an unfortunate habit of hanging out in basements and sheds.

The worst we have to contend with in Scotland is the adder our one venomous snake. The poor wee persecuted adder is a small snake who only ever bites the overly curious. And its dinner, in this case a mouse.

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