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Friday, May 16, 2008

Having problems installing LinuxMCE?

I certainly did. My first attempt was to install using the CD method of adding linuxMCE to an existing installation of Kubuntu. No joy there which was annoying because the whole process took absolutely ages only for it to fail. Undeterred I then downloaded the DVD version which installed and worked first go. If you are thinking of having a look at LinuxMCE I would heartily recommend using the DVD method with one proviso, and its a fairly big one if you were hoping to add linuxMCE to your existing Kubuntu install, this method will completely wipe the hard disk that it is installed to.


  1. Sneck!!!! CENSORSHIP!

    I resign- you will have to find a new reader.

  2. No luck with the DVD installer.. it doesn't even make it to the kubuntu installer without going black..

  3. Sorry to hear that Anonymous. Without knowing more details I can only suggest that you do the checksum, make sure the PC has access to the internet and check that the GFX card is supported. Can you run the Kubuntu live CD on the PC ok?

  4. I've always had trouble installing LinuxMCE. I found the most reliable method was to install Kubuntu then download the Installer CD .iso files and install directly from that (without burning). That always seems to work for me without any problems.