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Friday, May 30, 2008

George Bush Auditions for Dunkin' Donuts Ad

George W Bush wearing an Arab robe with King Abdullah who is wearing the Kaffiyeh.
"Hey King, can I borrow your keffiyeh to go with this robe I'm wear'n. I'm shoot'n an Ad for Dunkin Donuts"

Well I suppose he is going to need a new job soon and it seems that Dunkin' Donuts have a vacancy.

Now, did a stylist pick that robe out for him, or is it a symbol of his support for a monarchy state which thinks it is ok to flog and imprison women because they had the misfortune to be raped?

Oh look there is King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia on George Bush's right. Did a stylist pick that keffiyeh out for him, is he expressing support for a Palestinian state or is that the traditional Arab headdress?

What about all the people in the British and US armies who wear the keffiyeh are they supporting terrorism?

My head hurts.

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